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Marcel Dénommé

Born in Saint-Damien-de-Brandon, 1953


Since 1980

A 1975 fashion design graduate of Montreal’s Collège Marie-Victorin, Marcel Dénommé is a designer of men’s fashion, businessman and college professor. He became known in the 1980s and 1990s for the Dénommé Vincent brand of men’s ready-to-wear, which he co-founded with Louise Vincent in 1980.

The brand ceased operations in 2001, two years after being purchased by the Montréal Mode group. Shortly thereafter, Marcel Dénommé became the co-owner, with designer Jean-Claude Poitras, of 2 Corso Design, an agency specialized in fashion, home decor and art direction. Among its dozens of mandates, 2 Corso Design notably designed uniforms for Place des Arts, the Pointe-à-Callière Museum and Purolator, and created the model for Casa Poitras, a factory-built house manufactured by Bonneville Industries. This partnership with Jean-Claude Poitras ended in 2007.

In addition to this work, in 2003 Marcel Dénommé began working as a consultant for various fashion brands. He also started teaching fashion at Cégep Marie-Victorin, where he was still working as of 2018. Wanting to encourage the next generation, for over 20 years he has been a volunteer mentor to young designers wishing to start a business.

Marcel Dénommé, 2013 © Anastasia Lomonova. Photo courtesy of Dénommé Vincent


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