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Louise Vincent

Born in Montréal, 1952


Since 1980

Louise Vincent, 2019 © Daniel Cholette, D. A.: Bobby Parisi. Photo courtsesy of ATYPIKLABO

Louise Vincent is a fashion and costume designer who became known in the 1980s and 1990s for the Dénommé Vincent brand of men’s ready-to-wear, which she co-founded with Marcel Dénommé.

A fashion design graduate of Collège Marie-Victorin in Montreal, Louise Vincent began her career working in women’s and children’s clothing before founding Dénommé Vincent in 1980.

In addition to creating menswear collections, the company sometimes worked with artists and cultural institutions to design stage costumes.

Louise Vincent remained co-owner until 1999, when the business was sold to the Montréal Mode group. Marcel Dénommé stayed on as head designer until the brand ceased operations in 2001.

After leaving the brand, Louise Vincent pursued a career in stage costume design. In 2001, Cirque du Soleil hired her to reorganize its costume department. She was asked to implement a system for quality control, archiving production processes, and conducting research and development for all the costumes used in their shows. She has also worked with various other clients, notably comic André Sauvé, airline company Air Canada and the company Productions Éclats de Rire.

Louise Vincent has been a member of the Atypik Labo since 2015. This multidisciplinary creative collective works primarily in the fields of set design, video production and music.

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