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SAJO is pleased to support the McCord Stewart Museum’s innovative EncycloFashionQC website, an initiative to promote Quebec’s fashion history.

In its 40-year history, SAJO has witnessed the ever-changing trends and approaches to retail design and felt the impact of human creativity, in its infinite manifestations, on the perpetually evolving face of retail space.

At their core, design-build operations are driven by a vision of space that is timeless, inherently versatile, sustainable and culturally engaging.

Through the years, SAJO has come to view fashion design as an integral part of its vision and projects.

Fashion, in all its stylistic expressions, is undoubtedly a major cultural influence in defining spaces that appeal to the human imagination and leave an indelible imprint.

Driven by the insatiable human appetite for self-embellishment and the desire to craft an appearance of elegance and beauty, the world of fashion transforms the physical spaces it inhabits.

Fashion apparel, accessories, jewellery, cosmetics and the like, combined with their inspirational sources, shape the aesthetic and artful forms of both the built environment and the retail experience.

EncycloFashionQC contributes to the recognition of fashion’s importance in our lives and SAJO is pleased to be associated with this initiative.

Salvatore Guerrera and Nick Tedeschi