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Éditions de Robes


Since 2012

Façade of the St. Lawrence Boulevard store (detail), 2018 © Mathieu Létourneau. Photo courtesy of Éditions de Robes

Founded by Julie Pesant in 2012, the Montreal brand Éditions de Robes is, as its name implies, devoted solely to dresses. Designed for both day-to-day business and cocktail parties or major celebrations, the dresses are distinctive for the quality of the fit and the materials used.

Classic silhouettes designed to flatter the female body are enhanced by original details, like oversized bows or full sleeves.

Julie Pesant is in charge of design, while her associate Michel Lepage has been director of marketing since 2017. The clothing is produced in the brand’s workshops as well as by Montreal subcontractors.

Éditions de Robes also has a history of working with other designers. The brand UNTTLD and stylist Annie Horth have both created capsule collections sold exclusively in the Montreal label’s branded stores. Formerly located on St. Viateur Street, Éditions de Robes as of 2018 runs a shop on Crescent Street and a shop/atelier on St. Lawrence Boulevard. However, its Website attracts an international clientele, primarily from the United States, England and France.

Creations from Éditions de Robes are often worn by Quebec celebrities walking the red carpet and public personalities like Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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