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Le Dernier Mec Inc.


Since 1990

Le Dernier Mec Inc. is a clothing design and production company based in Drummondville. Specialized in digital textile printing, the company has two brands: Miss Versa, a line of women’s dresses, and Line-Up, which produces personalized sports uniforms and accessories.

However, Le Dernier Mec originally made a name for itself in men’s boxers, pyjamas and bathrobes. Founded in 1990 by Érik Provencher, a graduate in fashion marketing from LaSalle College in Montreal, the company originally sold its collections under the label Le Dernier Mec in Quebec and Ontario, notably at Simons, la Vie en Rose and The Bay.

In addition to producing loungewear for men, in 2009 Érik Provencher began using digital textile printing for the Line-Up brand of custom sportswear.

The following year, The Bay, one of the primary buyers of Le Dernier Mec clothing, stopped ordering from the company. This situation forced Érik Provencher to refocus all of the company’s production on digital printing and led him to create a new dress brand called Miss Versa. From season to season, the collection features only two or three dress models, but in a wide variety of patterns.

Designed for travel, the dresses are made of a wrinkle-free stretch fabric that can be thrown in the dryer.

As of 2019, all clothing was produced at Le Dernier Mec Inc. headquarters in Drummondville, which has four or five employees. Miss Versa dresses are sold in approximately 100 stores across Canada.

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