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Valérie Dumaine


Since 1997

After graduating from the Lasalle College fashion design program in 1997, Valérie Dumaine began her career in the fashion industry as an illustrator, pattern maker and designer for various Montreal companies. She launched her eponymous label in the fall of 2003 and presented her first collection the following spring.

Valérie Dumaine, 2016 © César Ochoa. Photo courtesy of Valérie Dumaine

Valérie Dumaine creates affordable ready-to-wear women’s clothing made entirely in Quebec. According to the designer, her clientele is made up of women ages 25 to 50 who know how to make their clothing suit their style, rather than the other way around. Among her influences are the Bauhaus movement, Constructivism and films of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. These inspirations are reflected in her simple, well-made clothing, which displays an angular, minimalist and structured aesthetic.

Valérie Dumaime - Pictorial Influences

ModeMontréalTV, Valérie Dumaime - Pictorial Influences, 2013.

As of 2018, branded Valérie Dumaine clothing is sold on the company’s Website and in 20 or so stores in Canada and the United States.

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