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Souris Mini


Since 1989

Advertising campaign, 2017. Photo courtesy of Souris Mini

Souris Mini is a Quebec company that creates and distributes children’s clothing and school uniforms. In 2017, it added a furniture and home furnishings division. Its head office, which employs approximately 60 people, is located on Wilfrid-Hamel Boulevard in Quebec City. The company has 21 stores in Canada, and has operated an e-commerce site since 2011.

Souris Mini was started by Annie Bellavance, a self-taught fashion designer.

Formerly a children’s art teacher, in 1989 she decided to launch her first line of children’s clothing.

She joined forces with her husband, Steeve Beaudet, who became president of the company.

The collections were originally sold through a network of Quebec City daycares, then at various retailers. In 2002, Souris Mini began opening branded stores to sell its clothing. After manufacturing its products in Quebec for many years, the company decided to move its production to China and India, while keeping the design stage in Quebec.

In 2005, Souris Mini added its school uniform division, which is called L’habit fait la mode. Rather than creating a single uniform, Souris Mini offers students a selection of pieces in the school’s colours so they can put together different outfits. Nearly 20 schools work with the company.

In December 2017, Souris Mini filed for creditor protection. In the months that followed, the company closed eight stores deemed unprofitable and eliminated several positions at its head office. It then sold off two-thirds of its shares to businessmen Michel Cadrin and Denis Dussault, who now sit on the Souris Mini board of directors. Co-founders Annie Bellavance and Steeve Beaudet still own one-third of the company.

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