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Second Clothing


Since 2000

Workshop. Photo courtesy of Second Clothing

Founded in 2000 by brothers Eric and Jacob Wazana, Second Clothing specializes in the production of jeans. While the company’s headquarters are in Montreal, its manufacturing facility is in Saint-Côme-Linière in the Beauce region, which was once known as the “capital of denim.” This factory was formerly used by the company Les Confections de Beauce, which went out of business in 2010. Second Clothing purchased the facility the following year.

Second Clothing is best known for its Yoga Jeans brand, launched in 2007. As the name suggests, the Wazana brothers wanted to create a pair of jeans so comfortable and flexible that a woman could practise yoga in them. Second Clothing also manufactures jeans for the Boulder Denim label, a line of stretch jeans for climbing that are stylish enough for everyday life, as well as jeans for many private labels.


Eric Wazana – Blue Jeans… on Yoga Mats!

ModeMontréalTV, Eric Wazana – Blue Jeans… on Yoga Mats!, 2011.

As of 2018, the Second Clothing factory in Beauce employed about 70 people. The company’s jeans are sold in over 1,000 stores in Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan and several European countries.

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