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La Canadienne


Since 1961

Promotional campaign. Photo courtesy of La Canadienne

La Canadienne is a brand of high-end women’s boots and shoes. Combining style with protection against the cold, its products are recognized for their waterproof qualities. Every year, the company brings out over 200 different models, regularly revisiting its classics in addition to offering new products based on current fashion trends.

The brand was launched in 1991 by Penny Shuster and her husband Giovanni Lamanuzzi, but the company’s Montreal factory opened back in 1961. It was founded by Penny Shuster’s father, Michael Shuster, who manufactured boots for other brands.

Promotional campaign. Photo courtesy of La Canadienne

As of 2018, La Canadienne boots are still made in the same factory by experienced craftspeople, while the brand’s shoes and sandals are produced in Italian and Spanish factories. La Canadienne employs a combined work force of some 100 people in its factory, head office and branded stores. Its collections are available in La Canadienne’s two Montreal stores, one on Laurier Street and the other on Sherbrooke, as well as from a network of retailers across Canada and the United States. International customers can also purchase footwear through the company’s Website.

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Madeleine Goubau, Contributor