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Renata Morales


Since 1998

2010 © George Fok. Photo courtesy of Renata Morales

A multidisciplinary artist who focuses primarily on painting and sculpture, Renata Morales has also used clothing as a canvas. Her creations are essentially worn as stage costumes by performing artists or used in film productions. She has notably worked with the band Arcade Fire, creating touring costumes, and with director Denis Villeneuve for the short film Next Floor.

Born in Mexico City in 1975, Renata Morales came to Montreal at the age of 15.

A self-taught fashion designer, she started working in textile mills and training with master tailors when she was 17.

In 1998, she launched her first eponymous collection and opened her own store on Ottawa’s Sussex Drive. This was followed by a second store in 2001, on St. Paul Street in Montreal.

At that time, Renata Morales’ collections were composed of two distinct lines. The first was sporty, mass-produced, and sold at European and Canadian retailers, including Holt Renfrew. The second was a series of entirely handcrafted one-off pieces, halfway between evening dresses and works of art.

Her garments were known for being light, yet elaborately designed.

As of 2018, Renata Morales is still working in the clothing sector, but only on art direction or costume design projects. She splits her time between Mexico and Montreal, where she still has a studio.

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