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Raised by Wolves


Since 2008

Raised by Wolves is a Canadian brand of streetwear clothing and accessories, influenced by skateboarding culture. It is known for using prints and patterns that recall the 1990s or playfully evoke Canada’s essential northernness. Raised by Wolves also tailors its clothing specifically for the country’s climate.

The brand’s two co-founders, Cal Green and Pete Williams, met in Ottawa in the mid-1990s.

Members of the skateboard/snowboard scene, they began selling t-shirts inspired by the graphic design of the era’s popular brands.

They took care of all the distribution themselves, storing their inventory in the trunk of their car.

In 2008, Green and Williams officially launched the first Raised by Wolves collection, which included several t-shirts, a cap and a tuque. The products quickly sold out. In 2011, the duo moved their operations to Montreal’s St. Henri neighbourhood, wanting to be part of the city’s vibrant and creative community and learn more about the clothing industry.

Raised by Wolves often works with partners. Reebok, Vans, Herschel Supply Co., Timberland and Naked & Famous have all collaborated on capsule collections with the brand.

In 2018, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Raised by Wolves opened a design office in Ottawa to renew its ties with the community of its roots. This move was also motivated by the co-founders’ desire to work with the youth of their hometown and encourage them to pursue their passions. The Raised by Wolves warehouse is still located in Montreal’s Southwest borough. Its products, primarily manufactured in Canada and the United States, are sold in over 20 countries.

In addition to working full-time on their own business, Cal Green and Pete Williams freelance in the field of graphic design and photography. Williams is also editor-in-chief of the alternative men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine Highsnobiety, which has a global readership.

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