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Myco Anna


1995 - 2015

Winter 2012 collection. Photo courtesy of Myco Anna

Myco Anna was a company specialized in ready-to-wear women’s clothing made from new and recycled fibres. The brand’s signature was its multicoloured patchwork style, for both everyday clothing and evening wear. The Quebec City-based company also offered custom-made services for one-of-a-kind pieces, notably wedding gowns.

The history of Myco Anna began in 1995 when self-taught designer Marie-Chantal Le Breton founded her business on St. Joseph Street in Quebec City.

In the beginning, all Myco Anna creations were made solely of recycled textiles, notably wool sweaters from used clothing centres.

However, the brand’s growing popularity and production volumes led Marie-Chantal Le Breton to start using new fibres as well.

In 2001, Myco Anna opened its first store/atelier at 616 St. Vallier Street in Quebec City. The same year, Christiane Garant, who already worked for the company as a sales representative, became the co-owner of Myco Anna. In 2003, Marie-Chantal Le Breton left the business to focus on visual arts. Christiane Garant thus became the sole owner and, at the same time, artistic director of the brand.

Christiane Garant. Photo courtesy of Myco Anna

In 2007, the company moved across the street to 615 St. Vallier Street.

In addition to creating collections for the public, in 2011 Myco Anna began producing uniforms for companies and sports teams.

In 2014, Myco Anna also added home decor products to its product line, such as decorative cushions under the MAKABANE label.

As of 2018, Myco Anna was owned by four partners: Christiane Garant, Nathalie Garant, Manon Veilleux and Chrystian Paquet. The company had an in-house staff of about 15 employees and hired freelance workers who sewed garments from home or in small local factories. The collections weree sold on the brand’s Website, in its two stores—one on St. Vallier Street and one in La Cité shopping centre—and via a distribution network of some 100 Canadian retailers. The company announced its closure in February 2019.

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