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Since 2000

Maillagogo is a Montreal ready-to-wear brand for women that focusses primarily on knitwear. Its garments feature timeless styles and classic cuts enhanced by original details. Maillagogo targets a heterogeneous clientele that ranges from 25-year-olds to professional women in their 50s.

Maillagogo was founded in 2000 by Françoise Bruand and Carine Châtelais: the former is in charge of production, while the latter is the brand’s designer, a position she shares with Alexandra Bernèche. Most of the clothing is produced in the brand’s workshop; this includes designing the garments, assembling the pieces, and knitting the fabric. Maillagogo also works with several Quebec subcontractors for certain items.

Located on De Castelnau Street in Montreal’s Villeray neighbourhood, Maillagogo’s workshop doubles as a retail space. The store sells the brand’s own collection as well as a selection of clothing from other brands. It also offers knitting classes.

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Madeleine Goubau, Contributor