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1996 - 2003

Women’s ready-to-wear brand Luscious was created by Rebecca Ford. A self-taught fashion designer, the 23-year-old Concordia University philosophy student launched her silkscreen t-shirt company in 1996. She started selling her first collection the following year and it was quickly picked up by alternative clothing stores in Quebec. Denim then became a signature element of the Luscious brand, with some collections made entirely of the fabric.

In 2001, the brand employed 14 people and sold its products across Canada and in the United States, England, Ireland, Germany, Turkey, New Zealand and Japan.

Clothing by Luscious was worn by celebrities like pop singers Nelly Furtado, Jennifer Lopez and Pink and actress Julia Roberts.

Despite this success, Luscious discontinued operations shortly thereafter. The brand, which was also sold under the name Maison de Taira, was removed from the Quebec registry of companies in 2003.



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