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Louise Lasnier

Born in Montreal, 1939


Since 1975

Louise Lasnier is a designer, contemporary artist and entrepreneur who runs her own store, Galérie Boutique Pétronille, on Île d’Orléans near Quebec City.

A self-taught fashion designer, she began her career in 1975 by making uniforms for Quebec hairdressing and beauty schools.

She also designed several collections of men’s and women’s clothing under the Pétronille label. She would develop the patterns and two seamstresses, working from home, would produce the garments.

In 1994, Louise Lasnier went back to school, earning a certificate in visual arts from Université Laval in Quebec City, followed by a bachelor’s degree in visual arts in 1999. She then refocussed her career on painting and sculpture, which became her primary activities. Occasionally, her work is printed on decorative cushions and scarves produced in small batches by Quebec artisans and sold in her shop.

Louise Lasnier also offers her clientele a selection of clothing and accessories created by Quebec designers whose work is created with an artistic sensibility..

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Madeleine Goubau, Contributor

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