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Since 2002

Lolë is a Montreal clothing brand that essentially targets urban women over 30 interested in things like running, outdoor activities and yoga. Lolë is known for organizing a series of large-scale events called the Lolë White Tour. Set in major cities, these events bring together thousands of yoga enthusiasts dressed in white for a huge outdoor session.

Lolë, an acronym of “Live out loud every day,” is a brand of the Coalision Group, which was founded in 1989 in Longueuil by Éric D’Anjou and Évelyn Trempe. This duo also created the Orage outerwear label. As of 2018, Coalision is owned by various international investors. The company’s head office has been in the historic Château Viger building on Saint-Antoine Street East in Montreal since 2015.

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