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Lola en Solo

Born in Montreal, 1953


1995 - 2003

Lola en Solo founder Colette Chicoine was a professional model from 1975 to 1981, working primarily in London, England. After moving back to Montreal, she was a fashion coordinator and stylist for numerous publications, notably Hors Séries Mode, Elle Québec, Clin d’oeil, Montreal Calendar, La Presse and The Gazette. She also worked as a costume supervisor on commercials, notably with directors Jean-Claude Lauzon and Denys Arcand. In 1995, she launched her own label of men’s and women’s clothing: Lola en Solo.

A devotee of the kimono as both symbol and expression of a lifestyle, Colette Chicoine used this garment as the prime reference for her creative process, gradually expanding her line of clothing.

In addition to loungewear, she created elegantly refined kimonos and other designs for evening wear. Freely reinterpreting the kimono form, she played with transparency and flowing fabrics to produce unconventional clothing that was both comfortable and stylish. She used natural fibres like silk, linen and cotton, along with innovative synthetic textiles. In 2000 and 2001, she received a grant from the Matinée Fashion Foundation.

In 1998, with her partner Jean-Claude Poitras, she opened a store on Montreal’s Crescent Street called Duo sur canapé, which won Cadillac Fairview’s 1999 ARC (Achievement in Retail Concept) Award for best new retail concept.

In 2001, Duo sur canapé moved to 1070 De Bleury Street, becoming both a studio and store, and then closed in 2002. After eight years of designing two collections annually for Lola en Solo, Colette Chicoine ceased production in 2003.


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