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Lino Catalano


Since 1991

Cocoon Millenial Collection, Fall-Winter 1999-2000 © Jean-Claude Lussier. Photo courtesy of Lino Catalano

Lino Catalano is a Montreal fashion designer who marketed his own collections of women’s ready-to-wear in the 1990s. A fashion design graduate of LaSalle College in Montreal, he launched his first brand, Sabotage in 1991, followed by Lino Catalano Design in 1996. The latter brand was produced by Quebec company Fashion Société Design.

In 1999, the Montréal Mode group took over the marketing of the Lino Catalano Design line, an association that lasted one year. The designer then founded Lino Catalano Design Concepts (LCDC) in 2000. Its production included the Lino Catalano and Beige collections for women. The former had a more sophisticated style while the latter was younger and more playful. LCDC ceased operations in 2004.

Lino Catalano then worked as an employee or freelance consultant for various companies in the fields of fashion and interior design, including Parasuco, Barilà, Surin Collection, Mexx and West Elm. For several months in 2011, he experimented with a retail concept under the name Justworn, which involved purchasing used clothing for resale. He then returned to his freelance work.

In 2015, Lino Catalano launched Le Trunkshop, a pop-up shop offering multiple brands of affordable women’s ready-to-wear.

Located in a series of vacant storefronts, the store quickly found a permanent home on Mont-Royal Avenue, followed by the opening of a second branch on Crescent Street in downtown Montreal in 2017.

Cocoon Millenial Collection, Fall-Winter 1999-2000 © Jean-Claude Lussier. Photo courtesy of Lino Catalano

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