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Les Chaussures Saute-Mouton inc.


Since 1998

Saute-Mouton (detail), 2017 © Marc Couture. Photo courtesy of Les Chaussures Saute-Mouton

Les Chaussures Saute-Mouton Inc. was founded by Jacinthe Bergeron in 1998. At the time, the brand specialized in sheepskin-lined children’s boots, which explains the origins of its name. The company chose to retain the name, even when it began focussing on boots for men and women that combine urban style with outdoor ruggedness.

Saute-Mouton products are crafted in waterproof leather and lined with wool or sheepskin. The company brings out approximately 100 models each year. Retailers doing business with the company can customize their orders to reflect their clientele’s tastes by selecting the type of leather, sole and thread colour. They can also request that the boots be equipped with crampons. Everything is produced in the company’s Quebec City factory, which employs about 30 people.

Up until 2016, Jacinthe Bergeron’s father, Roger Bergeron (1933-2017), was in charge of design for Saute-Mouton boots. He worked in the Canadian footwear industry for 70 years, notably running his own company called Chaussures Lyne. He also taught the shoe business to his daughter, who has a degree in fine arts. As of 2018, two of Jacinthe Bergeron’s three daughters work for the family business.

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Madeleine Goubau, Contributor