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Since 2012

Lamarque is a company specialized in contemporary leather clothing for women and men, notably jackets, stretch pants, and pencil skirts. A combination of timeless leather designs and contemporary trends, Lamarque creations are popular with several international celebrities, including model Alessandra Ambrosio. In addition to its trademark leather pieces, the label also features items in other natural materials like wool and silk.

Simon Sachs, Michel Darmond and Tom Zacchia are the owners of Lamarque, while Ifigenia Papadimitriou is the designer.

Although founded in 2012, the Montreal company draws on the experience of third-generation leather tanners and artisans.

Simon Sachs’ father and grandfather both worked in the field, first in Germany, then in England, before coming to Quebec. They ran tanneries in Montreal’s Ahuntsic borough and in Louiseville, Quebec, where they produced garment leather and shoe leather for well-known brands like La Canadienne, Aldo and Bata.

As of 2018, Lamarque owns a tannery in China that produces leather for the company’s products as well as for giants like Nike and Adidas. Lamarque’s collections are sold on the company’s Website, in its flagship store on Peel Street in Montreal, and in over 400 stores around the world in places like the United States, France, Hong Kong and Dubai.

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Madeleine Goubau, Contributor