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June Swimwear


Since 2009

Julie Morin-Dumais, founder, 2014 © Savitri Bastiani. Photo courtesy of June Swimwear

June Swimwear is a bathing suit brand for young women who enjoy surfing. The company was founded in 2009 in Montreal by Julie Morin-Dumais, an aficionado of both the sport and surf culture. June Swimwear is particularly known for its “bootykini” model, a bikini with a high cut bottom offering light coverage. Despite the revealing design, June Swimwear suits are designed to stay in place, thus enabling surfers to engage in their favourite activity without worrying about losing their bikini.

All products are made in Montreal. June Swimwear also creates its own exclusive print fabrics, designed by graphic artist Julie Gingras, one of the five employees working for this de Gaspé Street company. As of 2018, the company’s products are sold on the June Swimwear Website, in 75 stores across Canada and the US, one shop in Indonesia, and in pop-up shops.

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