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Jean-François Rochefort


Since 1992

Jean-François Rochefort is the president of ROCHEFORT, a studio that makes costumes for the stage and screen. Among his clients are circus, ballet and opera companies. A designer himself, Jean-François Rochefort employs approximately 130 workers specialized in the production of clothing, hats and shoes. His company has also developed expertise in silicone moulding, enabling it to produce prosthetics for use under costumes or simulate skin for special effects in make-up.

Jean-François Rochefort began his career in 1992, in the field of ready-to-wear.

That year, he founded Magique Society, a brand of message t-shirts and sweatshirts designed primarily for outdoor activities.

In 2000, the brand evolved when Jean-François Rochefort began using technical and performance fabrics to create urban wear. His creations were sold in Canada, primarily in Quebec, until 2003.

Jean-François Rochefort then worked four years as a freelance costume designer for clients like Cirque du Soleil and the TVA television network. In 2007, he started a new business when he founded his own costume studio on St. Urbain Street in Montreal.

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