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Since 2001

Fall 2012 Collection (detail) © Shayne Laverdiere. Photo courtesy of Duy Nguyen

Born in Vietnam, Duy Nguyen is a Montreal-based fashion designer. A Lasalle College graduate in fashion design, he began his career working for various Canadian brands, including Maison Marie Saint Pierre, before launching his own label under the name DUY.

His hand-crafted high-end collections emphasize luxury fabrics and materials like cashmere, lace and feathers.

The pieces—primarily evening wear—can be custom-ordered from his St. Lawrence Boulevard studio. The designer also creates capsule collections for pop-up shops, as well as pieces for a young affordable streetwear line called DUYOORRR, a playful take on the names DUY and Dior. In addition, Duy Nguyen works with various fashion houses on one-off projects.

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Madeleine Goubau, Contributor