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Dominique Ouzilleau


Since 1982

Dominique Ouzilleau is a fashion designer who specializes in recycled fur, creating made-to-measure pieces in his Montreal studio on Laurier Avenue. In addition to serving his own clientele, by appointment, he also occasionally collaborates with international luxury brands like Chanel, Givenchy, Fendi and Dior.

A self-taught fashion designer, Dominique Ouzilleau learned the trade from his grandfather and mother, both of whom are professional furriers. At a young age, he began to collect the scraps from their coats to create accessories.

From 1982 to 1986, Dominique Ouzilleau worked with furrier Jean-Paul Léonard to perfect his art. He then launched his own studio, primarily working as a subcontractor to produce coats for the French label Louis Féraud.

In 1993, Dominique Ouzilleau began creating his own fur coat collections under his eponymous label. The designer’s work exhibits extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail: his signature coats are made of thousands of fur fragments, often dyed and sheared, pieced together one by one. Recycling pelts remains the cornerstone of his practice.

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