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Dime MTL


Since 2005

Kaytranada, Fall 2018 Collection © Vincent Tsang. Photo courtesy of Dime

Founded in 2005, Dime MTL was the collective name adopted by a group of skateboard aficionados who posted online videos of their exploits. It was an open community that any Montreal skateboarder was welcome to join.

Gradually establishing itself as a Montreal authority on this urban sport, Dime MTL launched its first t-shirt in 2012, followed by its first complete line of clothing in 2014. Made in the United States, Asia and Mexico and then printed in Canada, the products feature goofy vintage visuals, or simply the Dime logo. No individual designer is identified with the brand. The design process is a team effort, carried out when inspiration strikes, not according to the cyclical seasons of the fashion industry. The merchandise is sold in 100 or so stores in 30 different countries.

Dime MTL has had a store on St. Lawrence Boulevard since 2017. In addition to stocking its own products, the company also sells complementary brands.

Dime store on St. Lawrence Boulevard © Vincent Tsang. Photo courtesy of Dime

It is difficult to categorize Dime MTL. Even the skateboarding press hesitates whether to call it a crew, a community, a group or a brand. By refusing to identify the members involved in the commercial aspects of the project, the people behind Dime MTL do nothing to dispel this vagueness.

Apart from its clothing collections, Dime MTL is known among skateboarders for its videos: The Dimestore Video (2010), Dimestore the Deuce (2011), Dime Turd Season (2012) and The Dime Video (2016). Since 2015, Dime MTL has also organized the Dime Glory Challenge, a competition that draws professional skateboarders from around the world to Montreal.

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Madeleine Goubau, Contributor