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Di Carlo Couture


Since 1996

Di Carlo Couture wedding gown, 2021 © George Mavitzis. Photo courtesy of Antoinette Di Carlo

Di Carlo Couture is a Montreal fashion house that creates high-end, custom-made bridal and evening wear featuring handcrafted details, often involving embroidery and sheer elements.

Di Carlo Couture was founded by Montrealer Antoinette Di Carlo. After studying fashion design in 1995 and 1996 at the International Academy of Design in Montreal (which later became the Teccart Institute’s Academy of Arts and Design), she worked for various Quebec companies, notably women’s fashion importer KTH Sportswear, the Terra Nostra brand and retailer Le Château. At the same time, in 2000 she began taking design contracts on a freelance basis for private clients.

Toronto Fashion Week, 2018 © George Pimentel. Photo courtesy of Antoinette Di Carlo

In 2011, she launched her first collection under the name Di Carlo Couture and opened her salon/atelier at 6856 St. Lawrence Boulevard in Montreal’s Little Italy neighbourhood. However, she did not incorporate her business until 2017.

Antoinette Di Carlo produces the majority of her creations herself, with the help of two employees, exclusively on a made-to-order basis. Her dresses can require up to 200 hours of work.

In 2018, the brand garnered a lot of international media attention in the United Kingdom. At the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry), the bride’s best friend, Jessica Mulroney, wore a Di Carlo Couture dress. To meet the high demand from outside Canada, the designer has since created a ready-to-wear capsule collection at an affordable luxury price point. Produced by subcontractors, these garments can be ordered online.

Toronto Fashion Week, 2018 © George Pimentel. Photo courtesy of Antoinette Di Carlo


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