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Since 2007

Barilà is a brand of affordable luxury women’s ready-to-wear, designed and manufactured in Montreal. Its basics for urban professionals and bold, elegant evening dresses are always very colourful and feminine.

Designer Sabrina Barilà launched her first Barilà collection in 2007. Her sister, international model Claudia Barilà, is president of the company and uses her fame to raise the brand’s profile.

A percentage of the profits from Barilà sales is given to The One Drop Foundation, which is dedicated to providing access to safe drinking water.

This non-profit organization was created by Cirque du Soleil founder, Guy Laliberté, who is Claudia Barilà’s partner.

In 2011, the TVA network specialty channel Mlle created a documentary series featuring the Barilà brand, which showed the day-to-day work of the two sisters in Montreal’s fashion industry.

As of 2018, Barilà clothing was sold on the company’s Website and in the branded La Montréalaise Atelier shop on St. Viateur Street. Launched in 2013, La Montréalaise Atelier is designer Sabrina Barilà’s second fashion company. It sells casual women’s sweatshirts and t-shirts featuring short messages or its own logo.

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