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Since 1927

Waxman is a family-run business that rents tuxedos and sells men’s suits, both ready-to-wear and made-to-measure. Operating out of the same Park Avenue location in Montreal for over 90 years, the store feels more like a private club with its espresso bar, barber shop, and 1930s-inspired decor. Created in 1999 as part of a major renovation, Waxman’s interior design won the jury grand prize that year in the Commerce Design Montréal competition.

The history of Waxman began in 1927 when Polish-born couturier Wolf (Willi) Waksmann (1901–1961) opened a salon specialized in wedding dresses and evening gowns. Upon arriving in Quebec, he had changed his name to Waxman, a common practice for immigrants who wanted to integrate as quickly as possible. His son Hershie (1932–2004) later added the sale and rental of tuxedos to the store’s activities.

When Hershie Waxman died in 2004, his son William, who had been working at the store since the age of 13, took over the business. The latter’s sons, Julian and Miguel, are now working with their father as salesmen, while their cousin, Jake Greenberg, is the manager.

As of 2018, Waxman had an inventory of some 2,000 tuxedos available for rental. In addition to being worn at special events and on the red carpet, they are often rented for American film productions. Although tuxedo rentals make up approximately 70% of the store’s business, Waxman also sells ready-to-wear suits by Quebec brand Jack Victor as well as custom-made suits produced by Montreal subcontractors. In addition, the store stocks an array of accessories like neckties, bow ties and socks.

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