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Salon Mode Homme


1993 - 2000

Salon Mode Homme was a semi-annual men’s ready-to-wear show that featured the collections of Canadian designers and brands, attracting primarily North American buyers. Started by couple Carol and Dan Gersen, the event was held from 1993 to 2000 in various Montreal hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton, Radisson des Gouverneurs, Sheraton and Delta. It positioned itself as a more affordable alternative to the various menswear trade fairs that had been held at Place Bonaventure in prior years.

In its first year, Salon Mode Homme attracted 38 exhibitors and 375 visitors. In 1998, its best year, these numbers tripled as the show had become the only menswear show for the entire country. However, in 2000, participants noted the absence of certain key players who had opted for American events that offered greater visibility. It was the last year for the event.


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