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Since 2011

OMsignal is a company working in the field of biometric apparel. Founded in 2011 by Stéphane Marceau and Frederic Chanay, it first made a name for itself creating workout shirts to capture the vital signs and movements of athletes for performance analysis purposes. The data recorded by invisible sensors built into the fabric were transmitted to an app loaded on a computer or mobile device. In 2015, the American brand Ralph Lauren collaborated with the Montreal firm to develop the Polotech Shirt. The following year, OMsignal launched its own sports bra, the OMbra, for female athletes.

OMsignal has expertise in several areas: engineering smartwear technology, clothing design, developing algorithms for biometric data analysis, mobile app design, etc.

As of 2018, OMsignal is focussed more on the field of healthcare than on sports. The company offers a wide collection of everyday clothing, for both men and women, equipped with technology similar to that found in its early products. Its clients are businesses in the medical field from across the globe. OMsignal products are no longer marketed directly to the general public.

The OMsignal head office, which has thirty employees, is located on Queen Street in Montreal.

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Madeleine Goubau, Contributor