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North American Fur and Fashion Exposition of Montreal (NAFFEM)


1986 - 2013

The North American Fur and Fashion Exposition  of Montreal (NAFFEM) was a major Canadian fur trade fair. At its height, the four-day event attracted more than 200 exhibitors and 5,000 buyers, primarily from Canada and the United States, generating sales of over $100 million. Delegations from fur-producing countries like Germany, Turkey and Russia would also participate on occasion.

Founded in 1986, the show was originally called the Montreal Fur Show.

In the beginning, it was staged in major hotels and alternated every year between the cities of Montreal and Toronto.

In 1993, the Canadian Fur Trade Development Institute (CFTDI), a non-profit organization and member of the Fur Council of Canada, took over the running of the show and changed its name to NAFFEM. The annual trade fair was thereafter held every spring in Montreal, taking over the largest exhibition hall in Place Bonaventure.

NAFFEM ceased operations in 2013, in part because of the waning popularity of fur, but also because other American trade shows had sprung up, diminishing the number of exhibitors. The Fur Council of Canada tried to relaunch a scaled-down version of the event in 2014 and 2015. Called StyleLab Montreal , the show also included exhibitors working in high-end niches other than fur, but was not very successful.


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