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Montréal Mode


1972 - 1976

Funded primarily by Quebec’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Montréal Mode was created to promote the work of Quebec designers and manufacturers to buyers and the media in the US and other Canadian provinces.

For this event, dozens of department store buyers and media representatives were invited to an all-expenses-paid weekend in Montreal to attend fashion shows and visit the city.

The goal of Montréal Mode was to help the city compete with the major European fashion capitals. Montréal Fashion Awards were given to designers and manufacturers who had distinguished themselves the preceding year.

Launched in 1972, the event took place primarily in chic Montreal hotels. Exceptionally, in 1975, it moved to the Canadian Club in New York City, presenting the work of 18 designers and manufacturers.

In 1977, the organizers of Montréal Mode reported a lack of financial support from industry, whose increasing participation fees barely covered 20% of the costs, compromising the future of the event. In the end, it was not held that year. Ottawa-based Fashion Canada then took over promoting the industry, extending its activities to include the entire country.

Montréal Mode was briefly revived in the year 1986.

Some of the designers and manufacturers who participated in Montréal Mode:

Autumn-winter 1973

Autumn-winter 1974

Autumn-winter 1975

Autumn-winter 1976

  • Renée Birkett for Du Maurier Sportswear
  • Lilly Dee for Boutique Aventure et Activi-Dee
  • Valérie Dubsky for Vali Designs
  • Manny Epstein for Montreal Leather Garment
  • Marielle Fleury for Sports Togs
  • Morty Garelick for Par Morty
  • Margaret Godfrey for Boutique Bagatelle
  • Vladimir Hantcheruck for Pedigree of Canada
  • Bernard McGee for Aljac Sportswear
  • Nicola Pelly for Boutique Bagatelle
  • Peter Skibinsky for Irving Samuel
  • Francine Vandelac for Alpine Knitters
  • John Warden for Carelle Apparel
  • Nina Wills for Créations Patapouf
  • Jason Wolfe for J. Sheepskin

Autumn-winter 1986

  • Leighton Barrett
  • Edwin Birch
  • Anne de Shalla
  • Giuseppe Spinelli

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