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Montreal Fashions on Ice


1996 - 2001

Montreal Fashions on Ice was a promotional event held in New York City that used figure skating to showcase Montreal designers and manufacturers. Started in 1996 by Denise Bigo, commercial attachée at the Quebec Government House in New York City, the event featured professional skaters from the Ice Theatre of New York. Gliding over the outdoor rink at Rockefeller Center, the skaters modelled clothing and accessories for women, men and children created by Quebec apparel companies. Among the participating designers and companies were Jean-François Morissette, Tristan & America and Le Grenier des Frimousses.

The 30-minute show was presented two days in a row, in January, before an audience of approximately 1,000 people. In 2000, the performance was interrupted by demonstrators from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who were protesting the use of fur in the ice show. The following year, the designs displayed did not include any fur.

This event, which was produced five times (with no show in 1999), was covered by numerous American publications like The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Women’s Wear Daily. Department store buyers were also invited to a cocktail reception in the café of Rockefeller Center.


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