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Since 2013

LOWELL is a brand of unisex high-end bags made in Montreal exclusively of leathers from the United States. The products feature simple, timeless designs, with a focus on function.

According to the founders of LOWELL, Rachel Fortin and her spouse Mathieu Mudie, the brand’s spirit is inspired by the city of Montreal, notably its bilingual, multiethnic character.

LOWELL is, in some respects, an extension of the Rachel F brand launched in 2004 by Rachel Fortin. A native of Chicoutimi and a graduate of Montreal’s Collége Marie-Victorin fashion design program, she began her career creating accessories out of recycled fur before turning to leather. She initially sold her products at craft fairs and through Montreal retailers like Belle et Rebelle and Unicorn. In 2013, she opened the first LOWELL store to sell her Rachel F collections along with a selection of complementary Montreal-based brands. She has gradually discontinued the Rachel F brand to concentrate on designing new bags for LOWELL.

As of 2018, the company had two branded stores, one on St. Lawrence Boulevard in Montreal and the other on Champlain Boulevard in Quebec City. In addition to the brand’s leather bags, these boutiques sell clothing, shoes and fashion accessories for men and women. The brands chosen share LOWELL’s values: artisanship, durability and local production.

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Madeleine Goubau, Contributor