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Lemieux Designer


Since 1951

Lionel Lemieux (1929–2007) and Lucille Greffard Lemieux (1927–2016) met in Montreal when they were both working in the fur industry. The couple moved to Shawinigan in 1951 to open their own business under the name Fourrures Lemieux.

In 1989, they sold the company to their sons Serge and Alain, who launched the HauteGriffe label in 2001, a new brand for their most upscale products. The company has gone on to develop an accessible collection of recycled fur clothing and accessories called ECOGRIFFE. Alain Lemieux’s daughters, Andréane and Marilène, head this young, fashion-forward division of the company. As of 2018, ECOGRIFFE products can be found at the shop of the same name on Petit-Champlain Street in Quebec City, as well as at hundreds of retailers throughout the province.

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