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Il n’y a que deux


1986 - 2003

Il n’y a que deux was a brand of high-end men’s and women’s ready-to-wear that was sold from 1986 to 2003. It was created by Carmen J. Michaud and Gordon Iaconetti, both of whom had worked at the same clothing and shoe retailer in the mid-1980s, Michaud as a senior buyer, and the latter as a vice-president.

Upon founding their brand, with Gordon Iaconetti as president and Carmen J. Michaud as vice-president, the partners opened a three-storey boutique/atelier at 1405 Crescent Street in Montreal. Gordon Iaconetti acted as president of the company and Carmen J. Michaud as vice-president.

Known for its clean lines and minimal ornamentation, their clothing was made exclusively of natural fibres like pima cotton, wool and linen.

Shortly after the store opened, designer Philippe Dubuc was hired to make the patterns for the menswear and Annie Morin the patterns for the womenswear. Gordon Iaconetti was in charge of sales and finance, while Carmen J. Michaud handled production, design and marketing.

At its height, the company had a staff of approximately 15 people. The brand’s suit jackets were all made in the atelier while the other pieces were primarily produced by freelance sewers working from home. The business also worked with several local manufacturers for higher volume items like t-shirts.

In 1993, Carmen J. Michaud left Il n’y a que deux. She went on to work for various other fashion companies, including April Cornell and Le Château, before becoming a freelance consultant. Gordon Iaconetti kept the brand going until 2003 and then moved to New York City.


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